TJ My son’s name is Timothy (T.J.) Trotter. This is one of my favorite pics.

T.J. has been a huge part of the salon. My son has Cerebral Palsy and is not verbal, but he tells his feelings and emotions through his eyes and actions. He is loved by many, including my stylists and workers. They have opened their hearts to him from hugging all over him, to helping with his haircuts, to even taking him to his prom. He loves to be in the salon surrounded by the many people who love him and are always kind to him.

When T.J. was a baby my grandmother used to call him “Baci”. It means kiss in Italian, and believe me we did kiss all over his chunky cheeks.

The name of the salon happened the day T.J. and I were applying for the Salon licenses. I looked at him and said, “OK Baci, what should we name the salon?” I got my answer by just looking at his eyes. I said “Baci?” and he got so excited and started blowing me kisses.

He is 27 years old now, and my husband Roger and I are lucky to have him in our lives. he is always surrounded by his Grandparents, Aunt, Uncle, Cousin, Stepbrothers and Friends who love and admire him.

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